Link Building for SEO

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Link Building for SEO

If you want your website to rank high on Google, you can’t achieve it without hyperlinks. Know the elements of link building below:


A strong niche relevance

Backlinks should originate from those websites which have similar content to yours. This guarantees that you’re not simply building random backlinks but only relevant ones. If a hyperlink takes an internet user to another unrelated topic, it’ll be unnatural. You need to make sure that the links only cater to a like-minded audience. 


Sourcing from distinct referring domains

A credible link profile will notice backlinks sourcing from many distinct referring domains instead of the mainstream ones frequently. A correct way should always prioritize the methods which observe link-building campaigns to gain links from new domains that have never been seen before to boost the amount of original linking domains. It’s very well known that having backlinks from many distinct domains can aid a website to rank higher. 


Editorially placed backlinks

These links exist because a third party has added a link from their webpage to yours. This is done due to various reasons. Google prioritizes editorially placed backlinks and claims it’s a great way to earn a high ranking. It even said that links that are not editorially placed can seem unnatural. 


A high amount of followed links

Not all backlinks will influence the ranking. The main qualities of backlinks are UGC, sponsored, and nofollow. 

The nofollow links hint to Google that it shouldn’t crawl or associate the two web pages.

The sponsored backlinks show that a link was paid for and it shouldn’t go under PageRank. 

The UGC backlinks display links that originate from user-generated content. For instance, comments and forums. This indicates that these backlinks were not editorially placed and might be manipulative. 

So, it’s clear that not all backlinks will offer traffic or high ranking in results. The Danish link building provider can help you gain the best links